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Delay of Access Card Reactivation

Joint Management Body - Latest News

Thursday, 26 September 2013 21:52


Dear Residents / Tenants.

Please be informed that due to some unforeseen circumstances, the re-activation process of the access card system will be postponed to 07th Oct 2013.

Residents / Tenants can start to exchange their new access card from 07th Oct 2013 onwards.

Management Office will be open  on 12th ~ 13th Oct 2013 from 8.30am ~ 5.30pm to accommodate the exercise.

Please call the Management Office for assistance.




JMC Meeting Minutes 2013 #8 & 9 Are Now Published

Joint Management Body - Latest News

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 09:52

JMC Meeting Minutes 2013 #8 & 9 Are Now Published. Please proceed to download page to retrieve under the meeting minutes section. Alternatively, the links are also attached here:

Sterling Condo 2012-2013 Meeting Minutes #8

Sterling Condo 2012-2013 Meeting Minutes #9

Happy reading!


Pre-Implementation Notice: Reactivation of Access Card

Joint Management Body - Latest News

Wednesday, 28 August 2013 09:29

• Re-activation of Access Cards: 21 Sep 2013 – 14 October 2013

WHO 1 & Why?

All owners with outstanding - Please settle all outstanding before 21September 2013, so that the management can focus fully on the exchange of access cards.

WHO 2 & Why?

All owners and residents who have not returned the Purchaser / Resident Data Collection form - If you have lost the form, please get a new one from the office. Kindly bring along the completed form when exchanging the access cards to reduce waiting time.

Now till 20 September 2013.


Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 09:33


Re-activation of Access Cards

Joint Management Body - Latest News

Tuesday, 27 August 2013 20:49

The JMC decided during the Sterling JMC Meeting 10/2012-2013, commenced on 22 August, 2013, to re-activate all car access cards and door access cards.
All existing cards will be deactivated from 15 October 2013 (Tuesday) onwards.

The existing cards have been in use for more than 5 years
To beef up Sterling security
To update office records

•  All owners and tenants holding car access cards and / or door access cards •  All owners with outstanding due to the Management will be given the new cards  only when they settle all the monies due.
Free one to one exchange, if the card is still in good condition, at the Management Office.
Max no. of cards per unit (car+door+motorbike): Chester & Belmont 6 and Ashford 8
From 21 September (Sat) till 14 October 2013 (Mon) during office working hours.



Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 August 2013 08:52


Do you know? Max Occupants @ Tenanted Unit

Joint Management Body - Latest News

Thursday, 11 July 2013 14:44

Do you know Sterling Condo has a house rule to govern the max occupants in tenanted unit? This is done to prevent a scenario where a rented unit is turned into an overcrowded hostel. If you see any situation happening, please report it to the management office.

"Hourse Rule 2.2:

(i)  Maximum number of occupants for tenanted units

Owners’ are only allowed to rent out their units subject to the following maximum number of occupants for tenanted units:
a) Chester unit is 6;
b) Belmont unit is 6; and
c) Ashford unit is 8.

The Management is at liberty to impose a penalty of RM500.00 on any owner who failed to comply with this rule (Section 2.2 (i)) provided that the Management shall have served a written notice to the respective unit by placing the said notice in the letter box of the said unit or left at the entrance to the said unit, requiring the respective owner to rectify the said non-compliance together with such documentary or video evidence and the Owner shall have failed to rectify the situation within 14 days of service of the said notice without prejudice to the Management’s right to issue subsequent notices ."

Together, we will make Sterling a better place to live in!

Last Updated on Thursday, 11 July 2013 15:09